Monthly Archives: December 2012

So I Suck At This

I know… I’ve basically disappeared! And it’s not because I’m not cooking! And it’s not because I have nothing to share! I’m just really really bad at this.

I’ve made some good food… and I’ve made some bad food. I think my biggest problem… is I feel like pictures should be in every post. And I’m working with a phone. I can’t take pretty pictures of everything I make… or the steps along the way. And I hate looking at recipes without pictures… so I assume you will too!

My second problem… is that… I’m not following a lot of recipes these days. Generally… if I’m making something I look at 3-4 recipes and then just wing it from there. Which is cool… but I don’t write it down!

And my third… and final problem. I’m all about food… and cooking and whatever. But sometimes there’s a part of me that just wants to come and complain about life. Or try and be funny. But I feel like if I’m going to have a blog… I need to pick a topic and run with it! Can I have a multi-faced blog? Can I talk about food and recipes… but also just vent when I want to vent? I guess I still haven’t decided who I want to be! I definitely can’t manage more than one blog/site (at least… not of my own… I actually run a few OTHER ones… but they’re not mine and are business related). I feel lost in a sea of internet blogness 🙂

I guess at the end of the day… I should just do my thing! If I gain any sort of an interest… on any topic or niche, I should just roll with it!

Hmmm…. something to think about!

BTW.. did I tell you about my beef barley soup? No pics… but SOOOO good! Soon to come!